Tech Rider

The Interactive Space :

The “lieu / nonlieu” installation requires a space of minimum 4 meters by 3 meters, with a ceiling height at least as high as the larger dimension of the space (minimum 4 meters). There also has to be fairly bright and even lighting. The “house” lighting of the space could work in some cases, but the intensity absolutely needs to be even and diffused across the space, including the corners. If the house lighting isn’t strong or diffused enough, additional lighting may be necessary. There must also be a way to attach a small firewire webcam (with standard camera mount) to the ceiling, or to a bar or fixture attached to or suspended just below the ceiling. A standard theatrical stage would work well, but many different kinds of spaces could work if they meet the criteria.

There also needs to be a protected place just next to the installation to install the computer, sound card and amplifiers, a sort of mini “control room”. There needs to be a place for 4 speaker cables and a firewire cable to pass from this space to the speakers and camera of the interactive space. The camera can not be farther than 20 meters of cable length from the computer.

Equipment furnished by the artists :

  • MacBook Pro portable computer (or better)
  • RME Multiface soundcard (or equivalent)
  • Webcam UNIBRAIN FIRE-I with mounts
  • 2 X 10 meter firewire cables with powered firewire repeaters

Equipment required :

  • 4 speakers (able to handle 80 to 100 watts), preferably on stands so that they are at ear-level.
  • 4 channels of amplification (1 X 4 channel amplifier, or 2 X stereo amplifiers, 80 to 100 watts per channel)
  • (If the installation is INDOORS, it may be possible to use amplified speakers, but separate amplifiers and speakers is necessary for an OUTDOOR installation, and usually preferable in any case since there will be fewer power cords.)
  • speaker cables from the amplifiers to the speakers (probably 15 to 20 meters each).
  • A 220 volt power extension cord with power strip